Shelley Admont - I Love To Share

Shelley Admont - I Love To Share

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Título Original: I Love To Share

Autor: Shelley Admont

Fecha de lanzamiento: 18.06.2019

Género: Cómics Adultos

ISBN: 9781525903038

El Tamaño De Archivo: 5.10MB

Hoja de: 34

Idioma del Ebooks: Español

Formato de Ebooks : PDF, EPUB

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English Serbian Bilingual children',s book. Perfect for kids studying English or Serbian ,as their second language. , Jimmy and his bunny brothers love to play, and today is Jimmy&rsquo,s birthday, so he has lots of toys. However, he doesn&rsquo,t always want to share, and because of that, he may miss out on having fun. Let&rsquo,s find out what it means to share, and why it makes us feel better!_,